Membership in Terminal City Glass Co-op is open to anyone (age 18+) who wishes to apply. Membership is required to use the facilities at TCGC, unless you are enrolled in a course or attending Newbie Night.

Individuals of any skill level may apply for membership from beginner students to professional glass artists. You can apply for membership without having taken any courses or lessons at TCGC. We also welcome "supporter" members who wish to be part of our community, but don't intend to use the facilities.

We are an inclusive community that welcomes and values a diversity of people in its membership. However, working in a cooperative environment is not for everyone. People who thrive in a cooperative community will demonstrate reliability, communicate constructively, actively participate, exhibit flexibility, work as a problem-solver, and treat others in a respectful manner. We encourage member participation in any of our member-driven committees, and welcome new enthusiasm for our community.

The application process has three steps:

  1. You submit a Membership Application and pay a non-refundable $50.00 + GST application processing fee.
  2. Applications are reviewed by Management and the Board of Directors. (Please note: Due to the fact that our organization is mostly volunteer-run, applications can take up to 6 weeks to process.) You may be required to complete a Trial period of up to 90 days before approval of membership, during which you will be assessed on competency and suitability for the co-operative environment.
  3. Upon completion of the Trial period, the Board of Directors will complete a final review for membership.

All members must purchase $200.00 in membership shares (4 shares at $50.00 each) The shares are refundable when you choose to leave the Co-op. Payment of shares is due upon acceptance into the Co-op. 

There is an $15 per month Membership Fee, which is invoiced monthly. There is a minimum commitment of 1 year of membership at sign-up.

Because our organization is a co-operative, the members are owners. Each member is entitled to one vote at our general meetings, including electing a Board of Directors.

To see the level of experience needed to use the hotshop, click here.

Want to become a member?
Fill in the Membership Application online or print and mail it to us with an Application Fee of $52.50 ($50 + GST) to:

Terminal City Glass Co-op
attn: Membership
1191 Parker Street
Vancouver, BC V6A 2H3