We are happy to connect you with a member artist who can take on your commission or custom-made item!

As a co-op, our role in custom work is to facilitate a connection between someone who needs something made (you) and one of our members who is really good at making that something.

The first step is to send information about your needs to info@terminalcityglass.com 

Here's what we need to know:

  • Description of the item(s): what it is, what it's for. How many?
  • Dimensions: height, width, depth, diameter. Even approximate dimensions are helpful.
  • Features: colour, surface treatments, finishes (if applicable).
  • Timeline: when do you need it by?
  • Budget: a ballpark number is good enough for now.
  • Your phone number

If you have a photo of something that's like what you want, send that along too.

Heads-up: our members won't copy the work of another artist, so please don't ask. (It's plagiarism.) However if you would like a member artist to interpret another artist's work through their own personal creative vision, that may be do-able.

After we get your email, we may call you to clarify or get more information about your project. Then we will let you know if it can be done by one of our member artists or not.

If so, we will make the introduction to the member artist, and from that point on you will work directly with that person.

If not, we will refer you to one or more people who are better suited to your project.

Sound good? Great...send us that email!