You must be an approved Co-op member to rent studio time at Terminal City Glass Co-op.


Or, if you prefer, visit us on Newbie Night.

Schedules for Booking or Logging Time

Members can use these links to access Supersaas schedules for booking.

Our HOT SHOP offers:

  • 500 lb. furnace
  • 2 glory holes of 12", 18" diameter (one hole per/slot)
  • Annealing included with access. Options for more space and/or longer cycles as well as 2 pick up annealers. (Private kilns available but limited). Full array of hand tools, pipes, blocks, garage, powder booth, hot plate, oxygen/propane torches, tiger torches.

Hot Shop Rental

  • Time is billed at $53 per hour
  • This entitles the renter to 16 lbs of glass/4hr slot. Overage is billed at $4.60 per lb.
  • We offer 6 blow slots per day (3 large hole/3 small hole)
  • Each slot is 4 hours and start times are 9:30 am, 2:00 pm or 6:30 pm
  • The morning slot can start earlier, but must end at 1:30 pm and will be billed accordingly
  • Includes shared kiln.
  • Must be an approved and oriented Co-op Member to sign up. Access is granted based on Student, Intermediate, or advanced levels assessed by Studio Manger.
  • Pre-booking required


Flame Table Rental

  • Available from 6:00 am to 1:00 am daily. You may not start work before 6:00 am and must finish by 1:00 am
  • Time is billed in 15 minute increments at $13.50 per hour 
  • Rental includes the use of a shared kiln (either boro or soft glass)
  • Must be an approved and oriented Co-op member to rent time in the flameworking studio
  • PRE-BOOKING IS REQUIRED. Once you have finished working, you can adjust the original booking to reflect the time you actually used
  • Two torches on the side station are available when a class or private lesson is using the full flame table. Side station torches are first come, first served


Cold Shop Rental 

  • Time is at $19 per hour and, minimum 15 minutes
  • Includes full use of cold shop machines
  • Includes use of studio belts & blades. (Purchase of own belts & blades recommended for important work)
  • Does not include grit
  • Does not include storage space
  • Users must have taken a Cold Shop Orientation (for members only) or equivalent


Cold Shop: You can pre-book your time in SuperSaas from the dropdown and the 'no torch' option - you will not need to adjust your time, please log via the sheets as usual


Please log your cold shop time on the clipboard in the cold shop.

Sandblaster Rental 

Users must have taken a Sandblaster Orientation (for members only) or equivalent.

Time is billed at $30.00 / hour, minimum 15 minutes.


You can pre-book your time in supersaas from the dropdown and the 'no torch' option - you will not need to adjust your time, please log via the sheets as usual


Please log your sandblaster time on the clipboard in the sandblaster room.

Fusing Studio Rental

  • Rental of Fusing Workstation: $10/hour booked via SuperSaas
  • Glass sold by weight: $10/lb for "normal" and $5/oz for dicro glass
  • Kiln rental: $0.40/kw

Private Kiln Rental

  • Small (annealer 2): $23 + GST per 24 hours
  • Medium (annealer 1, 4, 5 or 6): $28.50 + GST per 24 hours
  • Large (annealer 3): $33.50 + GST per 24 hours
  • Kiln rental is for members only, and for use with our glassblowing and flameworking facilities

Members, please contact the Studio Manager to make arrangements for private kiln use.

Member Shelf Rental

  • Each shelf is divided into thirds and is: 12”W x 13.5”H x 24”D
  • $12.00 + GST per month for each portion.  

Can combine for larger shelves (ie 3 thirds, or $36.00, is charged for a full shelf). Shelf rental is for TCGC members only. Rental is billed monthly. All tools, materials and work are used or left on the shelf at the member’s risk. Abandoned shelves become property of the Co-op after three months of non-payment.

Please contact about current availability.