'Surf N' Turf' Bas-relief Beadmaking with Joy Munshower </br>3rd-4th October 2020


Join visiting artist Joy Munshower for a very special 2-day beadmaking course to learn the intricacies of glass sculpting in bas-relief.

You will learn to sculpt a range of 'Surf N' Turf' sea-life and land animals, including horse heads, hedgehogs and jellyfish; learning how to break down the shapes of animals and how to apply those shapes to sculpting in a bas-relief or low-relief style on a base bead. An overview of various animal anatomies will be covered to help you create realistic and lifelike low-relief animal and sea-life beads. 

This workshop is for intermediate and advanced students. Spaces are limited, register while you can.


About the instructor 

Joy Munshower studied ceramic studio practices at San Jose State University and earned her graduate degree in sculpture from California State University at Fresno. Her work has been featured in many publications including The Flow and GlassLine Magazine. She teaches workshops around the country in low-relief, or bas-relief, sculpting which allows her to layer bones, muscles, feathers or fur to create realistic animal medallions.



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