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Boro Bootcamp!

These member-only sessions will focus on fundamental boro skills, a different one each month. The goal is to improve your technique, help you through any stumbling blocks, prepare you for the next level, and maybe show you a new way of looking at things. The format will consist of a 2 hour demo accompanied by question and answer by a different expert each Saturday morning. If you like, you can follow up with your own self-directed practice session immediately following the demo. Useful for any experience level, from newbie to pro, but not intended for absolute beginners. 

Bootcamp #1

Bridging: making good connections 

Saturday Feb 15th, 10.00am - Noon

Instructor: Joanne Andrighetti

The technique of bridging will allow you to make excellent connections with ease. Expand the degree of complication in your boro sculpture while improving its structural integrity. You will be shown how to use the small hand torches.

No special tools required.

For any self-directed practice after the demo, please bring a few 3mm rods, as well as whatever you want to build your sculpture out of.  

Bootcamp #2

Flower power! Compression technique

Saturday March 14th, 10.00am - Noon

Instructor: Julie Coster

Ever wondered how to get beautiful flowers in a marble or pendant?  Julie will demo her tips from how to get your clear rod ready, heat control and designing a flower that will magically bloom. 


Bootcamp #3

Three, Two, One, Blow: Pulling points

Saturday April 18th, 10.00am - Noon

Instructor: Lucas Clark 

You have to break a mile of glass before you get good. Here is your chance to make a dent. This boot camp is for you to feel the heat and polish your skills pulling points. Along the way, an expert will be there to help you through hurdles and to field your questions. Encouragement from the class will be there to push you forward.
No special tools are required and glass will be provided for the session - if you want to stay and work on the techniques afterwards please bring 19 x 2.5ml tubing and 6ml rod.

Step one -Pull three points.
Step Two- Blow one. 
Step Three- Repeat step one and two...

Bootcamp #4

Conquering Colour Striking

Saturday May 16th, 10.00am - Noon

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