Tempted by Fire: Five-Day Boro EXTRAVAGANZA with Karina Guevin and Cédric  Ginart <br> October 17-21, 2018


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Tempted by Fire: Five-Day Boro EXTRAVAGANZA
Wednesday-Sunday, October 17-21, 2018
9 am to 5 pm
Instructors: Karina Guevin & Cédric Ginart

A new boro intensive workshop with celebrated artists Karina Guevin and Cédric Ginart - spend 5 full days with these 2 amazing teachers!

Students’ inherent creativity will be stimulated in this course focusing on building a solid foundation of technical skill at the torch. Working with borosilicate glass, students will learn a wide variety of flameworking techniques using rod and tubing. Assignments and individual projects will help students develop a broad technical vocabulary, deepening the expression of ideas through their glass art. 

Demonstrations will range from blowing, sculpting and assembling with unusual twists for creating visual impact.  Students will learn the following techniques:

- Blowing hollow forms such as perfume bottle, hollow beads and goblets.

-Fusing solid and hollow components together.

- Encapsulating glass components.  

-The use of bridges.  

-Techniques for color application.

-A variety of sculpting techniques.

Everyone will be welcome to try to reproduce the demos, and Karina and Cédric will help students develop a personal project that integrates these new techniques. Amaze yourself with what you can create! 

PLEASE NOTE: This is an intermediate-level course. Previous borosilicate flameworking experience is required. Please contact us if you are unsure of your level of experience.

About the Instructors
Cédric Ginart has worked as a scientific glassblower with scientists, artists, industrialists, designers, and architects on experimental projects, unique artworks, prototypes, and art installations. Karina Guévin’s playful jewelery has been recognized with a Francois-Houdé Award and grants from the Canadian and Québec Consul for the Arts, La SODEC, and a Gilles Verville grant in visual art. Ginart and Guévin, have taught at Pilchuck, the Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass, Pittsburgh Glass Center and at Nijima international glass festival, Japan.

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