Corina will teach two separate skill sessions at ABLAZE!

Taking the Mystery out of Stringer Control

In this excerpt of Corina’s two-day class, you will learn or improve your stringer control by focusing on horizontal and vertical lines. You can later integrate these techniques into your own designs for cleaner geometric patterns. 

Creating the Stargazer Lily

The stargazer lily floral pattern covers a variety of useful bead making techniques. You will learn to make elongated petals, create color variations and patterning. Working with the stringer techniques from the previous session, you will the add delicate stamen.

Corina Tettinger has been making beads for almost 18 years, and every day at the torch is still a wonderful adventure. She was born and raised in Germany, and says that her German roots are evident in her solid education and accent. Teaching others the love of making glass beads is her mission and greatest pleasure in life. Corina is excited to share her passion with ABLAZE participants in her second appearance as a teacher with Terminal City Glass Co-op.