Flower and Butterfly Compression Marbles <br>with Sabina Boehm <br> October 5-6, 2019


Saturday & Sunday / October 5-6, 2019
10 am to 5 pm

In this two-day workshop you will explore several different applications of the compression technique used for making flowers and butterflies. Success lies in the details with this classic yet challenging skill! You will learn how variations in stringers and placement will yield different results.

Intermediate/advanced flameworkers will make the most progress in this class, however it is open to anyone with basic flameworking skills, and you will be encouraged to work at your own skill level. This class will focus on a fundamental understanding of your flame and core heat. An emphasis on ‘striking’ and getting the most out of your color will be addressed. You should be comfortable working with solid rod.

About the Instructor

Sabina Boehm grew up in a non-typical artistic household, filled with crafts, siblings and a lifestyle that encouraged her art. She learned to blow glass in 1994, as the borosilicate art movement was just gaining momentum. In the late 1990's Sabina started a  cooperative glass studio. She later worked with Momka's Glass Company, testing color for the glass chemist. This experience gave her a profound understanding of the theory and chemistry of glass color. In 2004, Sabina took a class and became friends with John Kobuki; since then, marbles have been an important focus of Sabina's work. In the past few years, Sabina has begun exploring sculptural work and costuming. Sabina likes for art to touch her life in as many ways as possible.

Find Sabina's work published in various magazines and on the web www.glassbysabina.com, IG @girlglass

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