Animal Beads with Neacol Miller <br> Weekend Workshop  <br> March, 9-10, 2024


Weekend Workshop
Saturday & Sunday, March 9-10
10 am to 5 pm
Visiting Instructor: Neacol Miller
Cost: $625 (Total inc GST: $656.75)

Sculpt a bead into any animal. 

In this class we will break down animal images into basic shapes/identifying traits and apply soft glass sculptural techniques to create whimsical beads suitable for pendants and earrings. We will cover the formation of perfectly round beads, two section beads, complex color application and dot stacking, color selection and matching, simple sculptural techniques, and personal style identification and creation. Each student will sculpt multiple animal beads, starting with a pig and then moving on to ones you design.

This is a beginner/intermediate class. As a pre-requisite, you will need some experience on the torch such as an introductory beadmaking or flameworking lesson. All materials are included. Ages 16+

About the Instructor 
Neacol has been a flameworker for over 15 years. Under the studio name Bling Squared Cute Glass she, along with her husband, have created a highly coveted line of collectible, adorable, glass animals in pendant and figure form. Since the pandemic, Neacol has branched out into borosilicate sculpture under the name Tiefling Glass where she has progressed her sculpture skills and fallen in love with sculpting monsters and with the craft of traditional glass dip pens.

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