Beadmaking One-Day Class / Sunday March 10, 2019


Beadmaking One Day Class
Sunday March 10th, 2019
10 am to 5 pm
Instructor: Kirsten Rankel

Glass beads are a fun and colourful way to explore the world of glass! In this one-day class you will melt rods of soft glass in a small torch to make a gorgeous assortment of beads. Starting with the basic bead shape, you will learn decorative techniques such as frit, dots and stringer and experiment with different shapes including simple sculptural forms. In addition we will cover technical aspects of glass and safety. No experience necessary. All materials are included.

Students who have taken this class are eligible to attend Newbie Night

About the Instructor

Kirsten Rankel started creating glass beads 8 years ago and loves the way that the glass moves. Using gravity as her tool, she lets the uniqueness of each bead guide her design as it is being formed. Kirsten has studied with Joanne Andrighetti, Amy Waldman-Smith, Terry Caspary Schmidt and Damaris Oakley. Each have their own special approach to glass, which  has helped Kirsten learn different ways to create her own beads. In 2014, Kirsten graduated from UBC with a BA in Art History and Medieval Studies so the early formations of glass beads and their function in culture especially fascinate her.

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