Spark! 2016 ::: Member Showcase Preview

Spark! 2016 ::: Member Showcase Preview

Here are just a few of the pieces that are available for purchase at our Spark! 2016 Member Showcase on Saturday, June 25. The evening will start at 7 pm, and items are for sale on a first-come first-served basis.

Come down, have a drink, listen to some music, buy some glass and watch some amazing glassblowing demonstrations.

The evening will also feature a LIVE auction of three pieces by artists Jeff Holmwood, Hideaki Kakurai and Brad Turner. The LIVE Auction starts at 9:30 PM. 


Wendy Avis

Susan Otto-Bain
Abstract Necklace

Scott McDougall
Perpetual Indulgence
$1,624 each

 Maria Batista
Wave Candy Bowls

Julie Coster
Flower Implosion Pendants
$80 each (with silver chain)

Cathy Beaumont
Sky Necklace

Carol Schoenfeld
Lavender Moments Bracelet

Jeff Holmwood
Vortex Vase
LIVE auction on June 25!

Heather Konschuh
$40 each

Marcus Barnes
Reticello Flower Implosion

Laura Burns
Eyeball Paperweight

Guy Hollington
"With a Lemon Twist"

Joseph Di Lorenzo
"Spiked" Series Goblet

Visiting Artist - Hideaki Kakurai
Wavy Cane Bowl
LIVE Auction on June 25!

Mona Ungar
Goddess Pendant
$250 each

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